Samsung is one of the world`s largest technology companies with a wide range of products including mobile devices, home appliances, and electronics. Recently, the company has made headlines with a new agreement that promises to shake up the industry.

Samsung has partnered with Google and Microsoft to create a new agreement called “Play Protect Certified Service.” This new service will provide extra security to all Samsung devices, including smartphones and tablets. The agreement is designed to protect Samsung users from malicious software and other threats that can harm their devices.

The Play Protect Certified Service is an extension of the Google Play Protect service, which scans all apps on Google Play for malware. Now, with the new agreement, Samsung devices will also be scanned for malicious apps. Microsoft also has a role in this new service, with its Intelligent Security Graph being integrated into the agreement. This will allow for real-time monitoring and reporting of apps that may be harmful to Samsung users.

This new agreement is a significant step forward for Samsung, which has faced its fair share of security concerns in the past. With smartphones and tablets becoming an integral part of our daily lives, it`s crucial to ensure that they are secure and protected from any potential threats. The Play Protect Certified Service aims to do just that by providing enhanced security measures to Samsung users.

The agreement is expected to be rolled out in the coming months, and Samsung has promised that it will be available to all its users worldwide. In addition to providing extra security to Samsung devices, the Play Protect Certified Service will also help reduce the number of malicious apps on the Google Play store. This is an essential step towards creating a safer environment for all smartphone users.

In conclusion, the new Samsung agreement with Google and Microsoft is a significant development in the world of technology. By offering extra security to Samsung users, this agreement will ensure that their devices are protected from any potential threats. It`s a positive step that will help build trust among consumers and ultimately benefit the industry as a whole. We can all look forward to a safer and more secure future for our digital devices.