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Lesson 1. Numbers

Lesson 2. Telling dates

Lesson 3. Telling time

Lesson 4. Tittles, Names and Countries

Lesson 1. Packing for my study trip

Lesson 2. Checking at the airport

Lesson 3. During the flight

Lesson 4. Customs

Lesson 1. Airport pickup

Lesson 2. Accommodation 

Lesson 3. Expressing likes and dislikes

Lesson 4. My first day at school

Lesson 1. At a Restaurant

Lesson 2. Going shopping

Lesson 3. Sightseeing around

Lesson 4. Giving directions

Lesson 1. Telling my story

Lesson 2. Making plans

Lesson 3. Expressing wishes

Lesson 4. Check my writing

Travel English by Andrei Poppi booklet

Picture Dictionary

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